Use our easy to use and very powerful software or Adobe’s Creative Suite or a combination of both platforms to create your yearbook.  Our  professional and highly experienced team will support you along the entire process.

Pegasus yearbooks offer you the most creative yearbook features at the best prices in the market.  We know that you will love your yearbook! Check out some of our previous work:


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Easy to Use Software

Pegasus can provide you with Yearbook Software to be used as a template driven solution or a complete free-form application that allows you to design your own layouts.  Loaded with backgrounds, clip art, and fonts you have enough choice to truly make your yearbook unique and special!

We also fully support Adobe’s Creative suite and it’s use to build your yearbook!  Our team of specialists are here to help and give you the freedom to choose how to build your yearbook! With training materials, and easy to use software, we can work with whatever works best for you.

Whether you desire custom features, or a simple gloss-laminate look, our premium locally-produced yearbooks can be delivered in as little as 4 weeks after submission!

Pricing and Features

Pegas is proud to provide our customers with a variety of industry-exclusive features to help you create a yearbook your school will be proud of including:

  • Cover Embossing
  • Spot Gloss Covers
  • Page Marker Ribbons
  • School Colour Head and Tail Bands
  • Tipped-in Onion Skin Pages
  • Autograph Pages
  • Custom End Sheets

We’re so confident in our yearbooks, we’ve named them Dreambooks. Superior quality, affordable prices, unmatched value.  At Pegasus, we always stand behind our work 100%!

Yearbook on the Go!

Yes, that’s right! Flip through your yearbook pages on a tablet to show friends and family, zoom in on your favourite pictures, and enjoy everywhere you go.